Thursday, September 13, 2007

Punishing the Patriots

Oh boy. The monster that is the US sports media sure has it's collective panties in a twist over the whole 'Patriots spygate' thing. Turns out the Patriots might have been filming the Jets coaches on the sideline last weekend in an attempt to catch their signs.

What an enormous fuss over basically, nothing. Play baseball for five minutes. Everybody tries to steal signs. Watch the Czech national team play soccer for five minutes. They try to find an advantage over their opponents by flopping, diving and generally acting like fairies. Pro sports are so jacked up right now, of course someone is going to try and find an advantage.

Anyway, maybe the Patriots kind of broke a small rule, maybe they kinda sorta need a little, light, slap on the wrist. If that's the case, what on earth should their punishment be? For this I turn to Dublin Blacksox player, New York native and absolutely enormous Jets fan, Jason Nebenzahl.

His suggestion for how to punish the Patriots?

''Bear minimum, Beli***** (expletive removed) needs to wear a shirt and tie and a Tom Landry hat for the rest of the season and that is not even spending any time thinking about it.''

Can't argue with that!


1 comment:

Dave said...

You should see the insanity over here. Some people want the Pats SB titles stripped. Completely nuts.

Sorry about your boys getting screwed over like that. It's gonna be tough getting in now.

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