Friday, October 05, 2007

Bron-Bron, say it aint so!

James, Jamie, Jimmy, what on earth were you thinking? The wonderfully gifted LeBron James, NBA superstar, turned up at Jacobs field last night to watch the home town Indians take on the very much out-of-town New York Yankees, in game one of their ALDS showdown.

Bron-Bron's choice of headwear? A Yankee cap. reported on it and called him 'LeBronx Bomber'. Cute. Not so cute were the expletives being rained down on the greatest NBA player ever to bounce a basketball in Cleveland. What on earth was he thinking? This would have been like Tom Brady showing up at a crucial Red Sox game wearing a Yankee hat. Have a think about that for a second. I know Brady was photographed in Manhattan wearing a Yankee cap, I am discounting that, imagine him showing up at Fenway wearing one of those ugly NYs? The entire city of Boston would be enrolled in group therapy.

ESPN's Sports Guy on Bron-Bron's wardrobe for the evening at Jacobs field;

Speaking of Cleveland, how 'bout LeBron wearing a Yankees cap to the Yanks-Tribe game last night? Why not just hold a press conference to say, "I'm signing with the Knicks in two years?" Has there ever been a bigger and more random slap in the face to an entire city of sports fans? Even if you're a Yankees fan, don't you have to hide this in a PLAYOFF GAME THAT'S IN CLEVELAND???? I'm still speechless. I'm without speech. We're within three years of Knicks GM Anucha Browne Sanders introducing Bron-Bron to the New York press as Spike Lee sobs happily in the background.

The fella's right, stupid move on Le Bron's part, or, if anything, a completely crass move, if it wasn't the beginning of a slow extraction from his being in Cleveland, then it was just dumb, and ugly.

I tell ya, thank goodness gracious for the likes of Tedy Bruschi, Troy Brown and other class act athletes who 'get' what it means to be a role model in a given community.

Here's to another Tribe dismantling of the Yankees tonight. If you haven't seen Faustino Carmona pitch yet, you are in for a treat.



John Fitzgerald said...

Yanks and Angels tonight. Take it to the bank!

Cormac said...

Which bank is that? The bank of sucky , incorrect predictions??

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