Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Following the numbers

You know gambling is legal here in Ireland, right? As opposed to say, the USA? I like rubbing that in every once in a while. Easy comeback for you guys Stateside would be to rub in the fact that it is almost impossible to get good peanut butter cookies here in Ireland.

The available prices for the Red Sox to win the World Series for 2007 were absolutely all over the place from April right up 10 days before the Sox wrapped up the series against Colorado. There were several interesting 'checkpoints' through the season.

For most of April, as the Sox embarked on their mission, they were readily available at 10/1. Yes, 10/1. The Yankees, playing strong behind Mr April himself, Alex '$$$' Rodriguez, were hot 7/2 favourites.

As the Yankees hit a poor patch and Boston shifted into 'awesometh' gear, the betting changed dramatically and the Red Sox became 4-1 faves. When NY were knocked out of the playoffs and Boston swept through Anaheim, Boston became the even money faves to take the title.

Then came the dramatic 1-3 ALCS deficit. Cleveland looked strong and Boston were skating on thin ice. The Red Sox were freely available at 6/1 and higher in some places. Josh Beckett pushed the series to 2-3 and when Boston took game six the betting changed dramatically. Suddenly the Red Sox were even money again. Going into the Colorado series they were a ridiculously short 2/5 and then, when 2-0 up, 1-50.

What does all the above mean? Well, not much bar that at various stages this season, the Red Sox were available at 10, 4 and then 6 to 1 to take the title.

Looking forward, I wonder what the chances are of the below 'coming true'?

€1.5 Trixie

DH,R4 Event/Market description Selection Price Status
100p 2007 World Series : Competition Outright Boston Red Sox 4/1 Won
Superbowl Xlii : To Win Outright New England Patriots 4/1 Open
Nba Championship 2008 : Competition Outright Boston Celtics 14/1 Open

Potential return: €825.00

Hey, a New England boy can dream, right?



Dave said...

Is a trixie the same thing as a teaser here in the States? Because I think you have a winner there.

Cormac said...

I wish I had the came level of confidence on the Celtics as you! It's 4 bets, 3 doubles and an accumulator.

So, for €6 I could collect nearly €900! And I even delayed and missed the really good prices, imagine 10/1, 4/1 and 22/1 as the Celtics were at one stage!

Anyway, exciting times for NE sports.

Jimmy Chowda said...

The Pats are hardly even chalk at 4/1! It should be 1/1. I need to go to Foxwoods and lay down. It's also nice to see the Celts have gotten less expensive. They were at an absurd 5/1 a month ago, the best in the East.

blacksoxfan said...

Might do it except the Celtics.

Dave said...

I'd do it b/c the Celts don't have to win outright, just make the Finals. They can definitely take the East.

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