Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Frank Black rocks harder than us

Is there anything better than re-finding an old CD you haven't listened to in an age and just dropping yourself right back into it? Other than the Yankees being smacked out of the playoffs by those upstart Indians, obviously. That little nugget aside, is there anything better than delving into songs you used to absolutely love but simply forgot about over time.

The great Frank Black - he rocks harder than us

I re-found Frank Black's tremendous solo debut, made way back when in 1993, today. It's titled, simply, Frank Black, and if you are into indie rock at all, it's pretty much a collection essential. The CD is absolutely chocker block filled to the brim with little gems, it's 46 minutes of Chocolate Fudge Sundae. Thanks to Paul for introducing me to Frank Black and the Pixies back in the day, and scoring that loan goal to lose just 9-1 against Andrew in our annual Christmas FIFA ('95 edition) 'Championship of the Universe showdown', when Andrew needed to win 9-0 or better to get past me for the title.

I think this Red Sox playoff run is making me a little emotional. I don't care what anyone says. Sports transcends.


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John Fitzgerald said...

Dude, are you gonna play the Tony Gwynn Drinking Game tomorrow night?

"I'm not black like Barry White, I'm white like Frank Black is."

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