Strong men also cry, strong me also cry..

As we sit on the edge of the Red Sox exit from the 2007 season at the hands of the Indians, it isn't any one thing in particular that's bothering me. There were actually things to enjoy last night, amongst the carnage, that is. The back to back to back home runs were rather cool, and Lester's defiant relief work was really promising long term.

It's not just one thing. It's just this odd feeling. Right now, as the 2007 season is about to end prematurely for us Red Sox fans, I feel. I feel as if I am 17 again and a girl I have been seeing for the summer, who I got very attached to, has just told me that maybe things aren't working and maybe it's about to end. She'll decide in the next four nights. Doesn't look good though. She keeps saying that. Doesn't look good.

She says, 'If this relationship was an ALCS you would be 3-1 down and facing elimination'.

That's what it feels like.

''Are you suprised by my tears Mr Lebowski? Strong men also cry, strong men also cry''



Jimmy Chowda said…
Yup. Agree totally. At least Manny's talking to the press again.

As a technical note, that picture is from an earlier scene. TBL is just about to say "surely you don't go looking for a job dressed like that".

Just about my favorite movie.