As for A Rod, you wouldn't like to see him at SS for the Sox?

Interesting question arose today in my world. Jimmy Chowda asked me;
''As for A Rod, you wouldn't like to see him at SS for the Sox? ''

Allow me to clear my throat in order for me to be as clear as humanly possible on this.

No, I do not want that narcissistic, greedy, egocentric, money grabbing, team-cancer, ringless gimp on my favourite team, no sir. Remember how, upon A-Rod's first return to Seattle, the fans threw actual dollar bills at him? That's how they felt, and that's how I feel about the most valuable nothingness that is A-Fraud, Mr non-clutch, senĂ³r April.

Give me Julio Lugo any day of any week over him, and I say that with an entirely sound mind. Yes, Julio Lugo. I think if you actually believe A-Fraud would be an upgrade over Lugo, or even Alex Cora, yes, Alex Cora, well then you need a little schooling in the meaning of the word 'team'.

A team is a group of players that bonds together towards a common goal. Julio Lugo, particularly in the playoffs, was a great team player. He did everything he was asked offensively and defensively and quite literally bounced around the dugout with enthusiasm and an upbeat, infectious likability. His team mates like him, his manager likes him and he is willing to drop a sac bunt, move the runner over and make the bread-and-butter plays at short.

If you are a Sox fan, you simply have had to have enjoyed Lugo's October play.

How about Mr April? A-Rod? He of the pathetic, absolutely pathetic October statistics. He of the dear-in-the-headlights, scared demeanour come playoff time. A-Rod would not fit in the Red Sox clubhouse, his ridiculously oversized ego is not all that prohibits that. Think of one important lad that might not be too happy with A-Fraud calling the Boston clubhouse home.

That's right, the captain, Jason Varitek. There is no way V-Tek wants Mr April, Mr 1-19 in the playoffs, Mr anti-clutch on his team. He wants no part of that.

A-Rod has never won a ring in the majors. There is a reason behind that. For several years the Yankees relied on him to push them into the playoffs. Unfortunately for them, once push came to shove, once he was no longer facing the Kansas City Royals and Tampa Bay Devil rays pitching staffs, A-Rod pulled a Jimmy Hoffa.

For all the self-promotion and bluster, A-Fraud can not win come October.

On a team with players who posses the class and dignity of Jon Lester, Alex Cora and Tim Wakefield, there is simply no place for the money grabbing, me-first circus act that is A-Rod.

I hope to God, Buddha, Allah or whoever is up there that the Red Sox feel the same as me and they would much rather laugh at A-Rod's inane gaffes, be it shouting at third basemen in bush league fashion, or attempting to slap the ball out of Arroyo's hand in 2004, than watch him infect the third base area at Fenway with his ringless, joyless pursuit of his own self gratification.



Jimmy Chowda said…
Fair enough. More money to go after Santana.

Word has it, Schill's signing for 1 yr/$8 mil plus incentives. So, does that mean Wakefield to the pen next year?
blacksoxfan said…
Wouldn't really want him if I were ye. He'd likely go to one LA team or the other.
Mitch said…
Its Dollars and Sense, Although A Rod has some good numbers, the Dollars he seeks just do not make sense. Add in Fan frustration, you know the people who pay the money to pay the players, and numbers could be even more inverted than they already are.