Monday, November 12, 2007

Just perfect

New England didn't lose this weekend anyway. Sure, sure it was a bye week for the boys from the Razor, but they are still unbeaten for this 2007 season. The march to 16-0 starts in earnest next weekend. There is no doubt there are landmines ahead. Seven games left. Let's chop it up.

NFL Week 11 New England @ Buffalo

The score in the Miami v Buffalo game last night stood at 3-2 at half time. That's right, 3-2 Miami. That's a scoreline you are more likely to see in the English Premiership than the NFL. Buffalo is a decent side, no doubt, and the way they clawed back in to the game against Miami and won with a late field goal was impressive. However, they have two serious issues. First of all, their rookie superstar running back, Lynch, hurt himself at the end of the game. Secondly, they simply don't have the offensive firepower to keep up with the Patriots.

NFL Week 12 Philadelphia @ New England

Props to the Eagles for their nice win last night but there is a big, big difference between coming back against the 'Skins and winning on the road against an unbeaten AFC superpower. Worryingly for the Eagles, New England absolutely demolished the Redskins earlier this year.

NFL Week 13 New England @ Baltimore

A potentially tricky road game for the Patriots, diluted a little by the idiotic Ray Lewis talking trash ahead of the game. What happens when you talk trash before a game against the Patriots? Ask San Diego. That aside, again, if New England take a lead at any stage, how on earth are the offensively challenged Ravens going to keep up?

NFL Week 14 Pittsburgh @ New England

Here's the real banana skin. The Steelers are playing good football right now, and are definitely one of the top 5 NFL teams of 2007. Good 'D', strong running and a QB who makes all the plays. Might be one of the few times we see the Patriots with less than a 10 point handicap to cover. Two things, first off, it's in New England. Secondly, since 2000 the Patriots are 4-1 against the Steelers. Add to those points, if the Pats make it this far, they will be scrapping like demons for that 16-0.

NFL Week 15 NY Jets @ New England

How high do NFL scoreboards go? Do they have the facility to show three figure scores?

NFL Week 16 Miami @ New England

Maybe if Dan Marino came back, otherwise, nope.

NFL Week 17 New England @ NY Giants

A week ago I was worried about this one. After seeing how utterly pathetic the Giants secondary was last night in a big game against Dallas, not so much. If New England put up a stack of points on Dallas, who put up a stack on the Giants, what will Brady and Moss do to the Giants?


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