Monday, November 05, 2007

The Mike Lowell petition

This seems like a decent idea to me

Check out

I am hoping the Red Sox front office won't even need this little friendly nudge from the good dnizens of Red Sox Nation, however, it can't hurt, right?

Mike Lowell gives you one more reason to sign his petition

''Dear Red Sox Front Office, We, the undersigned citizens of Red Sox Nation, urge you to re-sign World Series MVP Mike Lowell so that he may continue to play Gold Glove caliber third base for the Red Sox. Further, we urge you to pass on offering a contract to Alex Rodriguez.''

Sign right here


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Jimmy Chowda said...

Even with all the intangibles, I wouldn't sign Lowell for anything more than 2 years.

If he was willing to take the hometown discount, I'd accept a longer deal and then ease him into a coaching position with the organization.

As for A Rod, you wouldn't like to see him at SS for the Sox?

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