Monday, November 19, 2007

Quit your whining!

There's an awful lot of whining, whimpering and general babbling going on right now about the ability of the New England Patriots to score touchdowns, which, until 2007, was the entire point of organised American Football teams everywhere.

In 2007, apparently, this changed to 'anyone but the Patriots are allowed score points, the Patriots must kick field goals when in the red zone or be viewed as 'running up the score'.

Thankfully, sometimes, reason comes to the fore. Take the Buffalo Bills free safety George Wilson for example.

"There was a situation like this against the Redskins a few weeks ago and some spoke up. I'm not going to do that. This is a 60-minute game and if they want to go for it on fourth down you've got to strap it up and stop it. This ain't no pity party. In this league there is no remorse."

That's right George, this ain't no pity party. I like what the Bills coach had to say to. No nonsense, to the point, the anti-Joe Buck, if you will.

''We knew that if we weren't on our game, it could get out of hand. It got out of hand pretty early. I have no problem with them. Our job is to stop them. Their job is to play. That's football."

So there it is, straight from the Buffalo's mouth.

You know what drove me nuts about last night? The difference in how the Patriots are viewed by the sporting media as opposed to other teams, for example, the Cowboys. Dallas are an ugly bunch of showboaters, trash talkers and, well, T.O.

His incessant trash talking and boastful attitude are incredibly ugly, and belong in the WWF, not the NFL. Yet it's the Patriots, who just go about their business (scoring points) without much fanfare, that draws the ire of the Joe Buck's of this world.

Kinda mixed up, no?



Jimmy Chowda said...

Pats are playing a season for the ages, Lowell just re-signed, and The Celts are rolling. If the Revs didn't rip my heart out again, I'd be a happy camper.

I do get a kick out of guys like Emmitt Smith and Steve Young complaining about the Pats running up the score. They both used to rub it in so much against opponents in the 90's while their teammates danced jigs on the sidelines.

Dave said...

The Pats punted on fourth and inches from the Buffalo 31. How can anyone even argue they ran up the score?

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