Thursday, November 29, 2007

Santana or Jacoby...

While reading Bill 'Sports Guy' Simmons latest piece, a chat marathon, I came across a line about Johan Santana where he says;

'' Bill Simmons: In this case, I actually think they SHOULD overpay because Johan is the best pitcher in baseball. ''

I had no choice but to do a little research on that, when i thought to myself, 'wait, the dude didn't even finish anywhere in the Cy Young voting!'.

So I did some reading.

In terms of e.r.a, Santana finished '07 with a commendable but hardly stunning thirteenth lowest e.r.a in MLB. Amongst those ahead of him, Boston's own Josh Beckett.

The number thirteen figures in another aspect of his end of season totals. Not in a good way though.

Santana lost thirteen games!! Thirteen!! That number is not a mistake. Thirteen. Dreizehn. Trí deag! Any language you write it in, it's ugly. Sure, wins and losses are not the most precise guide to a pitchers ability, but they are certainly a guide of sorts. Thirteen losses is a fair whack.

I found that comment a little odd, and odder still once I read into it a little. The stats don't lie, in 2007 at least there were several pitchers who preformed at a higher level than Santana. My gut feeling on this is, let the Yankees give up the farm for the guy, the Sox lineup can handle him, and we're better long term with Jacoby, Lester and Bulletholes than without.

Let the kids play.


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sugarshane024 said...

Let's be fair to Santana. You simply cannot look at 2007 alone when determining the best pitcher in baseball. You've got to factor in production from prior years as well.

Now, Santana is a two-time Cy Young winner. From 2002-2006, he was a ridiculous 75-28 with a 2.83 ERA and a Major League best 1054 strikeouts. I've said this before on other blogs: I'm not buying his 2007 regression. I believe it's more of an anomaly than anything.

I think it would be wise for the Sox to pull the trigger on a Santana deal, especially if it means not giving up Ellsbury or Buchholz. They'd be bringing in the best pitcher in baseball to complement Beckett and Dice-K and it would adding a much needed lefty to the rotation.

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