Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Those cheating Colts

At the start of the 2007/08 NFL season, the Patriots got caught doing what most NFL teams do, studying opponents signals. The Jets blew the whistle on them, bringing to light an 'insider' secret that nobody actually involved in the NFL was even slightly surprised by.

That didn't stop a tidal wave of sanctimonious rubbish from descending on on the Patriots heads. People attacked them with a religious fervour normally reserved for your average jihad. Furthermore, New England's sensational play even drew inane verbal abuse from many amongst the 'holier than thou' press.

As the Patriots continued to drop points on opponents some people accused them of running up the score. This looked somewhat silly when put in context of some of the scores the Colts 'ran up' in 2004.

W, 49-14

W, 41-10

W, 41-9

W, 51-24

Did they draw the ire of anyone around the league? No. Take the Indy Star's Bob Kravitz for example. On the Colts he wrote, "At this point, we're not just watching football anymore. We're watching history. Every week, the Indianapolis Colts' offense uses the football field as its canvas, and every week, it creates an art form that is distinct from everything else in the copycat NFL."

On the Patriots "In the last three weeks, New England has scored 48, 49, and 52 points, inspiring inquiring minds to wonder, 'Did the Patriots pile on?' And every week, the obvious answer is, 'Duh.'"

Mr Kravitz, I'm sorry, but I fail to see the difference in the scorelines, so why the vast difference in your style of reporting of same?

So! Now it appears the Colts might have piped fake, loud crowd noise into their stadium during the epic Patriots victory on Sunday night. Naturally the NFL, the same NFL that actually introduced new rules to help the Colts win after the Patriots roughed them up in 2003, is defending the Colts saying they looked into it and found nothing amiss.

Thanks to this clip, you can decide for yourself. Note exactly when Randy Moss catches the ball how you can clearly hear, as the Globe's Eric Wilbur is calling it, the 'CD skip'.

TV glitch? If that is the case how did the commentators carry on unhindered? When you are watching it you can clearly hear normal football sounds over the 'skipping CD' of piped crowd noise.

And there it is. The Indianapolis Colts, who once whined to the league about their poor receivers being manhandled by those evil, evil Patriots so loudly that the NFL changed the rules to suit them, were piping artificial noise loudly into the stadium as the Patriots tried to run plays late in Sunday nights game.

You stay classy, Indianapolis.

It would appear those angelic Colts are as bad, if not worse, than the evil Patriots. Imagine that. Now, flap your arms in the air a few times Peyton, throw a few more team mates under the bus like after your 2005 loss to the Steelers and make a few more inane, bland advertisements. There's a good boy.

9-0 is where it's at. The rest is just background noise. Piped, possibly.


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Jimmy Chowda said...

CBS claimed responsibility. Why wouldn't they? They have a great storyline going with the bad guy Pats.

The Colts are untouchable because Peyton Manning is the spokesperson for seemingly every company that advertises in the NFL. He sings "This Is Our Country", right?

I can't wait for the race angle when Mike Tomlin takes his Steelers into Gillette, maybe the last serious chance for the Pats to lose.

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