Tuesday, December 11, 2007

25 things - Two (The revenge) December version.

25 November things we like at 'Boston Irish'

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We love that the great Troy Brown has been activated onto the Patriots roster. Brown deserves to be a part of what's happening in New England this season. You won't find a classier player..

2. We definitely like this website of newspaper front pages, where you can select a day in time and see front pages from all over the world. Take for example, the day the Boston Red Sox clinched the 2004 World Series.

We love 'Surviving Grady'. It's even funny in the offseason.

We like getting a 'pimp handle'. Just call me 'Pappa C Skillz'

5. We really like week night Champions league games.

We like 'Rough landing Holly' by 'Yellowcard', this one goes out to Jason!

We like Poker! Check this simply unbelievable hand out. One in a gazillion! Check out the hilarious comment by the Irish player half way through. Unbelievable hand of poker.

We like Bo Jackson

This 'Doodle' thingy seems pretty innovative and interesting. Plan group events and create polls, for free, and, now, in Swedish too!

10. Many congratulations to Jon Lester on winning the Tony Conigliaro award

11. We like Royal Tenenbaum's epitaph: Royal O'Reilly Tenenbaum (1932-2001) Died Tragically Rescuing His Family From The Remains Of A Destroyed Sinking Battleship

12. Vegas, Gar, Lorcan and the guys, I love our Wednesday night basketball sessions.

13. We like Star Wars themed flash drives

14. We like the incredibly underrated Wes Welker.

15. We like the Boston Celtics amazing start

We like the Patriots -27 this weekend against the absolutely pathetic Jets

I love the US legal system!

''" A US judge has been removed from the bench after jailing 46 people
when a mobile phone began ringing during his court session and no one
would own up.The entire courtroom was sent to the cells during a domestic violence hearing when the judge, Robert Restaino, 48, "snapped" and - according
to a review of his actions - "engaged in what can only be described as
two hours of inexplicable madness.''

18. We like the possibility of the Patriots putting a three figure score up this weekend

We love the memory of having played at Fenway park

20. We love the run in to Christmas!

We loved 'American Gangster'.

22. We like the DCU Saints American Football club, in Dublin, Ireland

We really like this acoustic version of 'Juneau' by 'Funeral for a friend'

Just for you Jayo

We love that the euro is nearly worth 1.5 dollars now! Thank you Mr Bush and your ability to completely ignore domestic issues in favour of waging a war on terror while you are so knee deep in Saudi money you can barely breathe! Thank you!

We really can't wait for this one. Bring those snitches on!

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Shane said...

Love the new look.

Cormac said...

Nice one, thank you

Dave said...

Umm...I'm not so thankful about the weak dollar. I guess it's all perspective. :)

Nice redesign.

Cormac said...

Thanks fellas

Please God tell me you checked out that poker hand?


Jimmy Chowda said...

Nice redesign and I think the new name is catchier.

Great article. So great, I'll let #24 slide. Hi, my name is Jim and I'm a chronic right wing internet political responder. I face the paradox of both loving and hating the fact my medical insurance doesn't cover that!

BTW, did you get the new link info for Blue Blooded Journo?

Cormac said...

Thanks JC!

I try to keep my leftist tendencies to myself, sometimes they just slip out


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