Sunday, December 30, 2007

Begrudge this.

Numbers. 16-0. The perfect season. Something people thought would never happen again. 50 touchdown passes. Again, a record some people thought would not be touched again. A dramatic comeback on hostile territory. A thrilling end to a dramatic season.

You know, I have heard from some really bitter, drab people in the last couple of weeks about how much they hate the Patriots and what not, and tonight, after seeing that, I can safely say, 'I do not care'. I couldn't give a flying toss.

16-0. It's a thing of beauty. Fine, if you don't like the Patriots, I don't care if you root for them or not. Not my problem. However, if you can't tip your hat to a 16-0 season, well then you are watching the wrong game. The NFL isn't for you, Chief.

In closing, this is how you close out a 16-0 season. Just like this.

TD04:00Laurence Maroney 6 Yd Run (Stephen Gostkowski Kick) 2328
TD11:06Randy Moss 65 Yd Pass From Tom Brady (Laurence Maroney Run For Two-Point Conversion) 3128
TD04:36Laurence Maroney 5 Yd Run (Stephen Gostkowski Kick) 3828



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Anonymous said...

Impressive season so far but let's not coronate them yet. If they win the SB, they go down in history as a great team. If they don't win the SB, they are a footnote. That's why they play the games.

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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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