Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Santana, Wilbur, Jacoby, Lester and Martinez.

See this whole Santana thing, it's getting a little crazy right now.

Personally, I am against the whole thing. I don't want to lose the pieces the Sox are committing to trade talks for a guy who lost thirteen games this season, is turning 30 and will break the bank. I say stick Jacoby in centre and watch him fly. Put Lester in the fifth spot and let him mature. Not to mention the other kids.

I disagree with many of the arguments being put forth in favour of a move. Take the Globe's Eric Wilbur trying to equate this to the great trade for Petey back in '98.

''What Pedro Martinez was to Boston in 1998, Santana could be for the team in 2008. Except that he’s not the centerpiece, but a piece only.''

Thing is, I have said it before and I'll say it again, John Lester, Clay Bulletholes or Jacoby himself, are simply a totally different level prospect to Carl 'Damn, my arm just fell off' Pavano, so there really is no correlation between '98 and '07.

So let's move on from that one.


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Fergie said...

Couldnt agree more if I tried, Ive been screaming at anyone that will listen (and even those who wont) that this is a deal that the sox dont need.

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