Schadenfreude ( [ˈʃaːdənˌfʁɔʏdə] is a German word meaning 'pleasure taken from someone else's misfortune'.

Great word, huh? There's going to be heaps of gallons of buckets of Schadenfreude doing the rounds Sunday evening amongst New England fans as the Patriots face off against the lowly Jets. Isn't it always fascinating when a team starts scoring and doesn't stop? Recently, in the Champions League, Arsenal managed seven against another team, every time they went down the field you thought they might score. It's kind of like watching a car crash. It's terrible but you can't turn away from the carnage.

First thought that jumps to mind regarding Sunday's Patriots/Jets encounter, what's the highest score ever in a NFL game? Well that occurred Nov. 27, 1966 when the Skins and Giants ran up 113 points between them, with Washington winning 72-41.

Well, this Sunday 72 is a possibility, not so sure about the Jets managing 41 yards let alone 41 points.

A Jets fan prepares for Sunday's game

If the Patriots are feeling it, there is no reason to think 60 is out of the question. It's a possibility, as the Patriots defence is sure to be fired up, meaning the Patriots will get plenty of chances to score points.

Right now, I am going to be conservative and suggest 56-0. Why '0'? Because New England's elite linebacking corp has to be licking it's lips at the thought of this one.

The Jets and their fans are undoubtedly in for a long, painful evenings football, whilst the rest of us, well we can all engage in a little Schadenfreude.



Jimmy Chowda said…
What's even better is the authorities are cracking down on the girls gone wild act at Gate D during halftime at Jets games.

Word has it, though, is no one's really paying attention to football in NY. It's all about the possibility of Santana coming to town.
Anonymous said…
you're WAY off. take the jets and the points. bad weather, jets are much better than they were in week 1, pats are coming back to earth.

IF the pats are going to lose in the regular season, this is the game. probably not, but this will NOT be a 56-0 game.
Cormac said…
If it is anything less than 48-10 I will be stunned...stunned..

The Jets are pathetic