Monday, December 31, 2007

Weenie and the Butt chopping up the first round of the NFL playoffs

Yay, new feature, yay. Kind of the illegitimate son of 'Chopping it up with Lorcan', 'Boston Irish' now brings you, 'Weenie and the Butt', where Hurricane's hero Lorcan Sherlock and I discuss sports, gambling and such. What's not to like?!

Obviously if you haven't seen 'Family Guy', like, ever, well this is probably going to really suck. Badly. Onwards and upwards.

Today's topic, this weekend comings NFL Wildcard games! Lorcan is going to play Weenie while I play 'The Butt', which isn't an enormous surprise.

Washington @ Seattle

Weenie (Lorcan):I think Washington is going to beat Seattle. Todd Collins has really helped them. He has made plays down field, and that has really opened things up for Portis. Seattle is one dimensional. They can't run the ball.

The Butt (Cormac): Fair enough, some interesting points, however, Seattle is 7-1 at home this season. That's pretty solid. Matt Hasselbeck at home against Todd Collins? Washington has played with a huge chunk of heart however it comes to an end on the road against a team that is twice as good at home as it is on the road.

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh

Weenie (Lorcan): I also like the Jags to beat Pitt again. I don't see how anything has changed since the last time JAX ran all over them in Pitt. And it would be a mistake to underestimate Garrard. He has been nearly mistake-free, and has proven that he can beat you if the running game falters. He can also make plays on the ground. And then there is the D. Very tough. Good running game, solid QB, tough D - sounds like a winner.

The Butt (Cormac): All fine points, however there is a big difference between regular season and a packed stadium full of rabid Steelers fans come playoff time. I totally understand the reasoning behind Pittsburgh being +2 point dogs here, however I will be taking the two points, the home field advantage and Big Ben's savvy and putting a crisp ten euro note on the Steelers on this one.

Tennessee @ San Diego

Weenie (Lorcan): - There is all this talk about what a tough physical game this is going to be. It may be tough and physical, but it will not be close, especially if Vince Young plays. In one of the stupidest coaching ideas of the season, the TENN coaches have decided to keep Young in the pocket this year. The result? HE SUCKS! Honestly, how is Tennessee going to move the ball. Lendale White? Young in the passing game? Kerry Collins is their best hope, but would you want to rely on him? SD is going to crush this team. I don't love Rivers, but I think I'd take him over either Titan QB. But the Chargers could just give it to LT all day and they'd be ok.

The Butt (Cormac): Totally and utterly agree with you here. Vince Young singlehandedly tried to scupper my Fantasy Football season, and I will be getting my revenge here. Used to love the guy, in his Texas days, and his opening season in the NFL, however he doesn't even look interested right now, and that's just not good. The -9 doesn't even scare me. LT might get 35 touches. San Diego by 13/14.

Giants @ Buccaneers

Weenie (Lorcan): Was Saturday's game against the Pats a confidence builder for the Giants, or another reminder that Manning can't come through in the clutch? The Giants -- swarming, exciting, blitzing D, tough RB in Jacobs who is hitting his stride, big play-maker outside in Burress -- but I don't believe in them. Garcia is not flashy, but he is a winner. I think he has the toughness and grit that Manning lacks. That is why I like TB here

The Butt (Cormac): Vegas (the place, not the Dublin Hurricane legend) is raising a white flag and saying 'we don't know what's going to happen here' by making it Tampa -3. I will be all over that like a bad rash if it stays that low. A rock solid Tampa, at home, rested, against an injury depleted Giants team that looked scared out of it's pants in the fourth against the Patriots last weekend. Think about it, New York came out all pumped up, ran into a big adrenaline fuelled lead and then didn't have a clue what to do. If Tampa scores early and Eli goes into Ryan leaf mode again this could even be a blow out.

Recap. We both agree on San Diego and Tampa, but disagree on the Pittsburgh and Seattle games. Should be a great weekends football.



Anonymous said...

Nice one's Weenie and Butt, keep us informed!! You two are gambling gods!! We love you!!

Anonymous said...

interesting points on both sides. if online gambling weren't illegal here, i'd be all over:


i also like any of these teams to make a run at their respective conference championships. more so in the AFC, but still. just sayin.

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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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