Back to back to back to back...the best sporting moment of 2007

Way back in the heart of the 2007 baseball season Boston hosted New York in a game at Fenway park. Early on the Yankees held a 3-0 lead, however, the 2007 Red Sox served notice they might be something special in one incredible inning, blasting an incredible four home runs back to back to take a 4-3 lead over the hapless Yankees.

I actually happened to blog that game live. Here's what I wrote at the time.

Bottom of the third
0-3 Yanks

Nice grab by Abreu to start the third off a fly ball by Youkilis. Big Papi pops out to left and so far have only one hit against Chase 'Underwhelming' Wright. Morgan and Miller are busy telling us how much of a slump Manny is in when he blasts one over the Monster. 91mph fastball down the co...down the centre of the plate. May as well have been batting practice. Manny absolutely abused that pitch. That ball may need counselling.

JD Drew ladies and gentlemen. Back to back. Drew drives one to right field into the bleachers. Just like the that the Sox are back in it. Hanging 79mph breaking ball. Really sweet swing off the bat of Drew.

WOAH. I Like Mike! Back to back to back. Mike Lowell almost falls over he swings so hard at a change up, sending it five miles over the Monster into the night. Not often you see that. Back to back to back. Just like that, budda bing budda boom, 3-3 Sox. ESPN catches Manny celebrating in the dugout.

Okay now this is just mental. Back to back to back to back. Seriously!! I have never, ever seen anything like this. Four home runs in a row! The Captain! Jason Varitek absolutely blasts the ball over the Monster and the Sox take the lead. This is amazing. Four home runs in a row. Manny, Drew, Lowell and Varitek. Bang, bang, bang, bang. ESPN tell us this is the first time in Red Sox history they have hit four bombs in a row.

Wily Mo ends the little long ball bash party with a weak strike out. Never mind, suddenly my Heineken tastes a little bit sweeter. 'Oh my God' Jon Miller says, after watching a replay of all fours bombs. Indeed.

Absolutely amazing stuff. It's hard to find video of the incredible event thanks to MLB keeping it to themselves. I thought this was pretty super sweet though, some fella with way too much time on his hands used the actual audio from the game and a video game to show what happened. Check it out, pretty neat.

Nice, eh?


David Sullivan said…
I was at that game and blogged about it the next day. Check it out!!