Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brick Tamland picks football games

Alright gang! Let's do this thing. A quick checklist for 'The Emerald Diamond' and 'Playing for peanuts' director/creator, John Fitzgerald, who is insisting on picking the San Diego Chargers this weekend in New England, straight up.

I love lamp!

  • Game is in New England - check!
  • Ladanian Tomlinson is hurt and may not play -check!
  • Phillip Rivers is hurt and may not play - check!
  • Billy Volek is a 60% chance to be the QB for the Chargers - check!
  • Antonio Gates is hurt and probably won't play - Check!
  • Tom Brady set several passing records in 2007 - check!
  • Randy Moss and Wes Welker set several receiving records in 2007 - check!
  • The Chargers are coached by Norv Turner - check!
  • There are two former San Diego players on NE's defence with chips on their shoulders - check!
  • The Patriots under Brady and Bilichek have never lost a playoff game in New England - check!

I don't know, am I missing anything here?



1 comment:

Dave said...

Ugly game, but the Pats never looked out of control. I just hope Brady got the interceptions out of his system.

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