Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting a little Randy

As a Patriots fan, not exactly the headline you want to see in your email inbox a couple of days prior to the AFC Championship;

Obviously some media entities are treating this as huge news. The Globe also delves into the breaking story in great detail. As Moss's coach would say though, 'it is what it is', for all the bluster, this woman has only requested a restraining order, she hasn't pressed any charges or anything. Violence against women is deplorable in any shape or form, but so is extortion, and right now we have zero evidence to prove either.

Moss's take?

"They're false allegations, something I've been battling for like the last couple of days of threats going public if I didn't pay X amount of dollars, So before people rush quick to judgment, I think you need to find out the facts about, really, what's going on.''

Will this have repercussions on Sunday night's game? Sports Illustrated thinks so, but perhaps not in the way you would expect.

''It is an old football tactic, to circle the wagons tighter in the face of criticism or adversity, and for coaches and players to create motivation from the slightest disrespect. The Patriots have made an art form of this method. Whatever becomes of Randy Moss in the legal system, his travails will only make the Patriots tighter. Stronger. And better.''


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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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