Roger Clemens ducking, diving and dancing...

Ali at his finest didn't duck, dive and weave as well as Roger Clemens is doing right now.

My first question is, why on earth did Team Clemens release this tape? A taped phone conversation between him and his former trainer Brian McNamee. Check it out.

Even on a staged phone call, Clemens lied to the trainer Brian McNamee. During the call he said
''I don't know who is on the line'', even though he was taping the call with the intention of exposing 'lies'.

You know, to me, listening to the tape, and having read about Brian McNamee, it sounds like a guy who totally idolizes Clemens reaching out to him, almost desperate to help. Listening to the taped phone call, it sounds like McNamee is distraught at having caused Clemens's problems by causing the truth.

''What, me, do roids?!''

Interestingly a key moment comes when McNamee says 'You tell me what to do, let me know what to do''. To this, Clemens says nothing, he has no answer at all. Why didn't he just say here, 'Why did you lie to the inquest?'

After that McNamee repeatedly says over and over 'Tell me what you want me to do' and Clemens has no answer at all to that.

Gene Wojciechowski's piece on ESPN really takes Clemens's story to pieces. One line in particular really exposes Clemens.

''Maybe Pettitte didn't confide in Clemens about HGH. But Clemens still can't adequately answer a central question: Why would McNamee tell the truth about Pettitte's HGH use (Pettitte confirmed the Mitchell report allegation) but lie about injecting Clemens with PEDs?''

If you listen to the end of the conversation it gets particularly poignant, as McNamee breaks into tears describing how his wife has left him and he has run out of money. He doesn't sound like a liar at all, he sounds like a man who supported an idol and could possibly lose absolutely everything for doing so.

Read a bit about McNamee, once you do, you might agree there is alot more to this than a poor, bullied Major League pitcher being accused of taking steroids.

This whole story is getting more and more tangled.