Soccer football - it's just super fab, and ESPN knows all about it.

When you are looking for information on MLB, the NFL or the NBA, well you pretty much can find it on the internet without breaking into any kind of a sweat.

You want Doug Flutie's career statistics? Not a problem. You want an update on the Lakers v Orlando? Not an issue, plenty of sites available for that. US sports coverage on the internet has reached incredible levels of depth and indeed speed of availability.


Not so much really. Sure, you can go to BBC sports or Sky sports on the web, and generally get relatively up to date information, just not up to the same level as US sports are covered on their respective sites.

showdown between Well wasn't I just in for a whopper of a shock when, looking for a preview on tonight's La LigaMallorca and Barcelona match I tried ESPN and it's 'Soccernet' section. I have to say, I was well impressed. Check out the Barcelona preview, for example. It's excellent. Up to date, informative and full of statistics and trends.

I will definitely be using ESPN soccernet in future, well worth a look if you are into your soccer in any way shape or form.



Anonymous said…
I agree with your recommadation. Best soccer site out site out there.
The Gaffer said…
Soccernet and BBC Sport are definitely fantastic sources, but there are a ton of other sites out there that do just a good a job some of which are focused on La Liga specifically.

If you follow the Premier League, take a look at my site, EPL Talk, at

The Gaffer
I discovered Soccernet many years ago, even before ESPN acquired it. Very good site, and it's where I go first for all of my soccer news.
Cormac said…
Thanks for the comments guys, what I was taken aback by is how up to date and informative the site is, they have gametrackers for almost every game, big or small, really good stuff.