Monday, January 21, 2008

Today is the most depressing day of 2008 - it's official!

So did you know today is officially the most depressing day of the year? Did you feel it in your bones when you got out of bed this morning? It is, really. The Guardian newspaper told me so (plus I heard people saying it in conversation).

The Guardian's evidence?

''And if you want scientific proof, then Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University has it. He settled on January 24 after using an elaborate formula expressing the delicate interplay of lousy weather, post-Christmas debt, time elapsed since yuletide indulgence, failed new year resolutions, motivation levels, and the desperate need to have something to look forward to''.

I know all about those failed new year resolutions. Oh boy. They really don't last long do they?

So, in the spirit of the day at hand, here is a few people that are more depressed than you. Feel good about yourself, there are people who hate today more than you. Check it out.

1. Brett Favre. All of a sudden the big lovable lug's schedule just got mighty clear. I wonder if he started to think about his favourite golf course the moment that attempted pass left his hands? Having a bad Monday at work? Imagine how Brett Favre feels this morning.

2. Tom Cruise. I am guessing Cruise isn't loving the attention his latest freak-you-out moment is garnering. In his latest outburst Cruise is filmed telling prospective Scientology recruits why they should hop on board the crazy train with lines like this; ''We are the way to happiness. We can bring peace and unite cultures." The video segment (which is mind blowingly insane) is causing a huge stir, and Cruise's overlords in the Scientology headquarters on Mars can't be too happy with the ruckus. Kudos to Nick Denton @ 'The Gawker' for bringing this latest 'Cruise trip out' moment to the people. Having said all that, maybe I am just jealous Cruise won the 'Freedom medal of valour' award, handed out by the good people of the Scientology world, to only the super fabulous best of the best, clearly.

''Woop woop woop!''

3. Al Harris. Built up pre game as a potential super star showdown, the matchup between the Packers all-world corner Al Harris, and the Giants Plaxio Burress, was a gigantic mismatch, with Burress catching about 567 passes for about 5,697 yards. Well, not quite, but I bet it sure feels like that to Harris this morning. Abused. Just, abused.

4. Several million gamblers. Anybody who doubled the Patriots 'tease' (-7.5) with the Packers (-4). Looked good when New England 'covered', looked good when the Pack stormed into the lead. Not so good when Favre had his little, well, brain malfunction.

5. Tom Brady. Just kidding, the Patriots QB is probably feeling pretty decent about himself this morning. Even if it is a Monday.


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sugarshane024 said...

Very entertaining! Good stuff.

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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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