Beckett Version .08

For Red Sox fans, Josh Beckett's fantastic 2007 output amounted to a season for the ages. Incredibly, Beckett is still learning and probably hasn't even approached his peak as yet. The future looks bright. How about the immediate future? It's a fools game to read too much into spring training results, more so into early spring training showings, however one can't be anything but heartened to hear the comments coming out of the Sox camp on the young ace.

Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell said;

"I think it's always impressive to see Josh Beckett go about his work, I think any time we talk about our pitching staff, we always start with him. But he looks as strong and as sharp as he did this time last year.''

Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia had to face Beckett in live batting practice and had this to say about the big Texan;

"He's ready to go, midseason form. He's locating every pitch. That was the first time I'd ever faced him, so it was quite an experience. Man, it was tough. He's got great stuff. His changeup was great, his curveball, he was locating that. He's ready to rock."

You have to be careful not to get ahead of yourself, but, sounds encouraging, no?



sugarshane024 said…
Not that it means much, but it's amazing that fantasy experts are rating Beckett lower than guys like Sabathia, Hamels, Bedard, Kazmir, and even Lackey. While I don't see him necessarily replecating last season's numbers, he shouldn't be far off.