The games you make up in your youth

It was 1983

The statistics under the New England Patriots Logo read 0-0. Zero Suprbowl wins and zero Superbowl losses. With my vivid schoolboy imagination I imagined years ahead and pictured the score as reading a magnificent 2-0, or even a perfectly respectable 1-1. Never in my wildest dreams did I see it as an astonishing 3-2, with a chance at 4-4 tonight.

I had this game I used to play in my youth. It involved dice and cut out squares with each NFL teams logo and Superbowl record on them. The squares were cut from a flashy newspaper supplement on the NFL.

I cut them out and taped them to sturdy little pieces of carboard.

I would organise a scheculde on a complicated looking paperbound matrix of games and use the dice (Dungeons and Dragons dice, no less) to produce the scores. Pat the Patriot won many, many Superbowls in those imagined games.

I wish I knew where those squares were now.

Anway, this is what it all means, to me in anyplace. Tonights game gives the team I rooted for as a boy the chance to completely blast away that stagnant 0-0 on that little square I made all those years ago.

Thats the way I have decided to look at it anyway

Enjoy the game.



sugarshane024 said…
You've got to be kidding! I used to play that same exact game with the MLB teams. I used to create like fake logos and fake uniforms and everything. I could never get any seasons started though because it was impossible to iron out a full schedule.

Anyways, go Pats!
Anonymous said…
Ahhh, strat-o-matic! I remember...