Those dirty little Yankees

Hey, isn't it kind of funny that somewhere out there is a eight year old kid wondering if the New York Yankees will ever win the World Series in his or her lifetime?

Anyway, I have a question. With the recent propensity of the US sporting media in general to absolutely bludgeon any and every story to death, how on earth has the fact that so many players of the Yankee 'dynasty' of the 90's appeared on the Mitchell report pretty much escaped under the radar?

The New York Yankees won four titles in the 'Joe Torre era', a time when people called them a dynasty and Yankee fans crooned about not only their rings but also the 'character' and the veritable nobility of the team. The Yankees won the title in 96', 98', 99' and 00'. The following players were on all or some of those teams; Andy Pettitte, Chuck Knoblauch, Mike Stanton, Darren Holmes, Roger Clemens, Mike Stanton, Jason Grimsley, Daniel Naulty, David Justice, Jose Canseco, Glenallen Hill, Denny Neagle. All those players also appeared in the Mitchell report.

Noted, celebrated and self-admitted steroid user Jason Giambi actually didn't start swinging his big, steroid beefed-up bat until 2002.

That's twelve players off the Yankee 'dynasty' edition who were named as possible steroid abusers. I guess my question is, with all the talk of this team and that team, or this person and that person, having an asterix put beside their achievements, why not the clearly somewhat drugged up Yankee 'dynasty' of the late nineties?

Twelve players off the squads from that era constitutes more than a footnote. Particularly when you consider some of the actual players. Former Hall of Fame candidate is throwing absolutely everyone under the bus in his pathetic, ugly attempts to stay out of jail for perjury. Even his own wife and former best friend Andy Pettitte aren't safe as he hacks his way to safety.

Poor Pettitte seems to actually be trying to do the right thing, apologising left right and centre to everyone who will listen

Chuck Knoblauch might have wanted to apologise too, however his apology would probably miss, bounce off a pole and hit a woman in the front row.

As Clemens continues his ugly one man war to clear his name and sully everybody else's, my question remains, how on earth has this story pretty much escaped under the radar? Anybody know?



Garret P #7 said…
Dude - Every team was dirty and probably equally dirty when it cam to PED's and that includes our beloved Sox - the difference is that 2 of the main guys caught happened to be based in NY - McNamee & Radomski so that skews a lot of available evidence to them. I would love to pile more abuse on NY but this is not one that merits it.
Cormac said…
Sorry Gar, I won't slag the yankees again. My Bad.
john said…
Same reason the media looked the other way in the late 90s when it was obvious that McGwire/Sosa were juicing. Also the same reason the media isn't reporting that Varitek and Pujols were originally on the list. The media is along for the ride.

The final published list was full of players that didn't matter anymore from a marketing standpoint. Except for Petitte, but he was so closely tied to Clemens that he had to be on the list. Also, he was the lynchpin in proving Clemens was guilty.