And on the twelfth day, the Lord said, 'Let there be a heck of a lot of sports!'

....and there was

Oh my, what a weekend lineup.
All times Irish, naturally...


  • 12:45 Premiership: Tottenham v Portsmouth
  • 15:00 Premiership: Aston Villa v Sunderland
  • 17:15 Premiership: Everton v West Ham
  • 6.00pm Live Duke vs West Virginia - NCAA Tournament Second Round
  • 8.30pm Live Kansas State vs Wisconsin- NCAA Tournament Second Round
  • 10.30pm Live Notre Dame vs Washington - NCAA Tournament Second Round


  • 1.00am Live Michigan State vs Pittsburgh - NCAA Tournament Second Round
  • 13:30 Premiership: Man Utd v Liverpool
  • 16:00 Premiership: Chelsea v Arsenal
  • 4.00pm Live Second Round - College Basketball
  • 6.30pm Live Second Round - College Basketball
  • 9.00pm Live Second Round - College Basketball

Great lineup of Premiership football live on TV intermingled with a juicy selection of college basketball games, all for your viewing pleasure.

There's more to life than sports, but hey, I mean, if they are like, shoving it down your throats, it's okay to enjoy it a little, right? I mean, come on! What a lineup!

Come on Sunderland!