Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting psyched for March Madness

Playing catch-up before March Madness? Know who Roy Hibbert is but can't name one single other player on Georgetown's squad? Or, in the dark as to who even Roy Hibbert is?

However, looking forward to the big tournament?

Personally, a relative new-comer to mens college basketball, I love March Madness, and even ranked it seventh in my listing of my favourite tournaments in the world. Like, ever.

7. The NCAA 'March Madness' tournament
I have to admit I have only got into this in the last five or six years, so I am a relative rookie in terms of March Madness history and lore. It is essential viewing, however. The enjoyable early upsets, the dramatic later rounds. A nice element is the simplicity of the tournament, 65 teams in, knockout, you lose you go home. It's enjoyable simple. From over here in Ireland, you can follow it without any big issues bar the time difference. The only draw back is for every good game, there is a poor quality blowout, but without the large field, you wouldn't get dramatic upsets. Already looking forward to later this month.

Anyway, man, sometimes it takes me ages to get to the point, it's a disease, basically. Anyway, here's a super duper little segment from's Grant Wahl, where he talks to several coaches and what not as to who's the team to beat in March Madness.

Kansas' Bill Self: "From what I've seen the last month, UCLA and North Carolina impress me more than anybody else. There are a lot of teams you could make a case for -- Memphis, Tennessee, Duke -- but over the last month those two have been the most impressive teams. I think it's more wide-open this year than in quite some time."

Interesting and informative. Want to feel like you know something about MCBB before the big tournament? Check it out.

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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports

A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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