Saturday, March 22, 2008

Goal! Goal! Goal!

If you ever want to really feel good about a goal, in soccer, just go ahead and root for a team for a couple of decades, a team that never wins any cups or tournaments and basically spends its life trying to cling on in the English Premiership, a team from an honest, working class area with players that mirror their locale, a team with a Cork man at the helm and a smattering of Irish players through the side.

Yikes, long sentence, sorry.

Goal! Goal! Goal!

Sunderland, the team I have supported through thick and thin the last twenty years basically, won a huge game 'on the road' today against Aston Villa. They possibly kept themselves in the Premiership with the win, well, the certainly made it a possibility.

My point, the focal point of this post, is that it is really super to root for the underdog, and for that underdog to occasionally make good on that support and reward you with a big win.

It's an excellent feeling.

This footage of the priceless goal is for my Dad, who is an even bigger Sunderland supporter than me.

Howay the lads!

16 Sunderland 31 -21 30
17 Birmingham 31 -13 27

18 Bolton 31 -17 26
19 Fulham 31 -24 23
20 Derby 31 -51 10

Clinging to life in the Premiership!

Coming soon: American? Into soccer? Coming soon, why YOU should probably be rooting for Fulham in their attempt to stay in the Premiership. (I'll give you a clue, they have loads of Yanks in their squad!)



The Omnipotent Q said...

I have a soft spot for Fulham, with all of their Americans, like Brian McBride, Clint Dempsey and Carlos Bocanegra. I hope they survive, but it may take a miracle for them to pull it off. I'm still a Liverpool supporter, for a myriad of reasons. I admire your support for Sunderland, a team that hasn't one much at all (but an FA Cup back in 1970s)....

Dave said...

I hope Fulham can stay up. I'd hate to see McBride and the boys drop to the Championship. But it is looking pretty bleak. They have a decent schedule but Birmingham's is pretty similar.

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