Oh, Bartolo!!

If someone sidled up to you and asked you, 'Hey, guess what year Bartolo Colon won the AL Cy Young?' - well, you might look at them a little funny, be that as it may though, would you know what year it was?


That's right, 2005, that recently. Pretty funky huh? Bartolo, still not speaking English to reporters, still devouring cheeseburgers faster than Jabba the Hutt and Vince Wilfork combined, had a pretty decent outing for the Red Stockings in spring training yesterday, and now the word on the street is he might be the front runner for the fifth starter spot in the Sox pitching rotation.

Let's have a peek at Bartolo's brilliant resumé
  • Win-Loss 146-95
  • Earned run average 4.10
  • Strikeouts 1,542
  • Pitched no-hitter in 1997 as a member of the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons
  • 2005 AL Cy Young Award
  • Two-time All-Star (1998, 2005).
  • Won his only start of the 1998 ALCS pitching a four-hit, one-run complete game.
  • Has pitched 31 complete games, ranking 16th among active players as of the end of 2006.
If the chap can stay healthy, keep his fastball around 92mph, let's face it, he could be a superb number five starter, heck, if he managed the above he would be a decent third starter on many AL teams, and practically an ace on the Royals and a bunch of NL teams.

Bartolo in his glory days