The Red Sox - more 'red' than we knew!

Well now, how about this? Disgusted that MLB is playing the role of 'lousy cheap bastard' and not paying for coaches, training staff, equipment managers, groupies and roadies on the upcoming Japanese trip, the Boston Red Sox players have voted to refuse to go, unless MLB cowboys up and splashes some cash.

Pretty sensational story, potentially. Here's what the Boston Globe has to say about it.

Here's what Chairman Mao has to say about it.

Chairman Mao - super pissed
''The revolution, and the recognition of class and class struggle, are necessary for peasants and the Chinese people to overcome both domestic and foreign enemy elements. This is not a simple, clean, or quick struggle.''

We think he was talking about the Sox not going to Japan. What is clear is he was pissed. Super pissed actually. And rightly so, it's beyond cheap of MLB to send the Boston and indeed Oakland staff over to Japan and not pay their way, when you consider how many gazillion yen MLB is making out of this potential trip.

More on the story from ESPN.

Good for the Sox. Should be very interesting to see if MLB relents, or if the entire trip is called off.


Anonymous said…
Um, I think voting to do the right thing and screw a dimwitted fatcat lawyer would actually be more along the lines of "democracy," "self-determination," or "capitalism."

Supply and demand. Selig doesn't pony up the cash if the Sox aren't in demand. I commend the Sox for acting like Americans. Now if they'd all follow ARod's lead and dump Boras, they'd be heroes.