Monday, March 31, 2008

Tough crowd..

Oh man. Tough crowd!

I actually almost felt sorry for the chap.

While reading about the game and the incident overall online I came across this well presented, well written blog on the Nationals. Isn't it funny how people see situations differently?
''The most anticipated (action) was The Presidential First Pitch. To most everyone's credit--George W. Bush was not overly booed. In fact--there were far more cheers than jeers.''
I don't know, I mean, you tell me, was that booing, or cheering? Sounded a little like raucous booing. Hey though, that's just me. Maybe Kevin Youkilis popped out of the dugout at the exact moment Bush walked on to the field and maybe, perhaps there were thousands of Sox fans there and they started their 'Youuuuuuuuuk' chant that sounds like 'boo'.

Altogether now...

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Jimmy Chowda said...

It sounded 100 times better than when his dad threw out a first pitch in 1992. He hadn't even formed a campaign team in April and the booing was that "uh-oh" moment. Well, second moment after only getting 60% in the NH primary (sitting presidents usually get something like 98%).

W's a lame duck and the Obama-Hillary uncivil war is stealing headlines. Bush's approval is actually higher than Hugo Chavez's right now and bad things happen to you if you oppose him.

BTW, I'm worried about the Sox in April.

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