Saturday, March 01, 2008

Whatever, A$$ante, whatever..

I say bring back Ty Law. The Chiefs just released him. Let's get him back in the fold. Suddenly my 'Ty Law' throwback jersey becomes significant again. Half of my awesome Lawyer Milloy and Ty Law poster, standing outside a court house, a play on their legal sounding names, becomes significant again.

General question for all Patriots fans. Honestly, all things considered, will you miss A$$ante? I really wont. It's a feel thing. I just won't miss the guy.

So good luck to you Mr Samuel. Enjoy the extra cash. That $57 million should sure keep a big grin on your face. Have fun with that. You are moving to get closer to a ring? Really? The Eagles are 25/1 to win the Superbowl, your former team 3/1. Closer to a ring? It's not about the $57 million?

This, for what it's worth, is how I will remember you;
(Taken from the Boston Globe)
''That's why it was shocking when Samuel let a potential Super Bowl-sealing interception slip through his hands during the Patriots' stunning 17-14 upset loss to the New York Giants Feb. 3.''

Enough said.



sugarshane024 said...

I would LOVE if the Pats brought back Ty Law. Like yourself, my Ty Law jerseys (silver alternate and blue home) would become significant again.

Just a question: did you misspell "Asante" on purpose? If so, I think it's good piece of humor spelling it with "Ass" in the front.

Cormac said...

Guilty as charged

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