Monday, April 21, 2008

Be careful what you wish for: Fantasy baseball trades are dangerous things

I was 'flootering' around with my Fantasy Baseball team the other day, kind of looking at potential trades and pick ups, when I put a deal together which I innocently thought might interest the chap I was suggesting it to, the owner of 'The Mighty Tigers'.

Needless to say, one of the players I traded away had a FIVE hit day for the Boston Red Sox, at pretty much precisely the time 'The Mighty Tigers' pressed 'accept' on the trade offer. Five hits in one game! He had barely five hits all freakin season up to that point. Now that I have traded him away he will probably win the blasted Triple Crown.

The trade in full.

This trade has been accepted in 406 Club Dynasty League The trade has been processed and your rosters reflect the change.

Tusken Raiders 08
The Mighty Tigers
Julio Lugo
Justin Verlander

Dustin Pedroia
Bobby Crosby

Now, before you throw custard pies at me and shout 'idiot!', there was actually meaning behind the madness. My thinking, my thought process, summed up in handy bullet point style.
  • I have plenty of starting pitching
  • I have a brutal shortstop who couldn't hit his way out of a paper bag
  • I need a really good second base man
  • Julio Lugo is not good
  • Justin Verlander is having a bad season and I have 3-4 'Ace' type pitchers anyway
  • Julio Lugo is just awful
Looking deeper into the trade, up to today, Lugo and Verlander combined had -144 fantasy points, that's right, MINUS 144. Lugo wasn't even the worst half of the troublesome duo. He had a stately 11 fantasy points, while Verlander had a minus figure so big NASA had to double check it. On the other hand, coming into today's play, Pedroia and Crosby had a very respectable +357 between them. Compelling figures for a fantasy manager looking for some production from his middle infield.

Justin Verlander hears he has been traded away from the 8th placed 'Tusken Raiders' fantasy team

The massive, honking big 500,000 lb Elephant you now hear screaming in the middle of the room however, is that Justin Verlander will not finish the season in minus fantasy points.

So what do you think? Was it as bad a trade as I am feeling right now? Or did I actually do okay? Let me know. Cheer me up!



john said...

bad trade, dude. i wouldn't even deal verlander alone for pedroia and crosby. imagine if lugo ever starts hitting...

Shane said...

I'd take a chance on Bobby Crosby over Lugo, so no real damage there. Other wise I would say it depends on your situation at 2b and how strong your starting rotation was. I love Pedroia, but he's not a fantasy stud, so you might have been able to pick up decent value off the waiver wire and keep Verlander.

sugarshane024 said...

I can't believe you gave up on Julio Lugo. It seems like you think so highly of his skills.

Brian said...

Well its been scientifically proven that Lugo sucks, although what he was doing in yo0ur team in the first place also needs to be questioned!
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