Beating dead horses

So yeah, anyone else notice Eric Gagne got the win for the Brew Crew in their home opener? My initial thought was 'Good for him.'

Secondary thought - 'I wonder was he on the roids last season or was his, lets face it, pathetic season because he stopped doing the roids?!'

Then I thought, I better dig deeper and have a little look-see at the box score from the Brew Crew's comeback win

Let's just say Gagne's line for the night probably didn't deserve a 'W'.

Milwaukee Brewers
B Sheets6.120027099-660.00
S Torres0.200010013-60.00
G Mota1.000002016-110.00
E Gagne (W, 1-0; B, 1)1.033311131-1627.00
D Riske (S, 1)1.00000009-70.00

Familiar line, eh?

Eric Gagne


Riske's line looks like the one Gagne used to post in LA. And Gagne's is the one he posted in Boston.

Good luck, Brewers fans....