Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fantasy mess

Yes, it is a bad sign if, after less than two weeks of the season, you are making wholesale changes to your fantasy baseball team. It is an even worse sign if your changes involve players called Carlos Ruiz and Masa Kobayashi, who basically hardly anyone has heard of.

Got Masa?

This is my second season playing in a thoroughly enjoyable 'keeper' fantasy baseball league with buddies from the .406 club, a Red Sox forum. There are over a dozen players involved so the league is pretty deep, meaning you end up with unusual players such as Jeff Niemann and John Buck on your squad.

In the league, when making changes, we have to announce them to the rest of the players. Check this unholy mess of a squad alignment announcement!

'Tusken Raiders' squad changes Tuesday 15th April

The Tusken Raiders drop entirely into free agency Maicer Izturis
(LAA - 2B,3B,SS) - they also hope the door hits him on the way out.
They also drop Mark Buehrle (CWS - SP), entirely, into free agency.

They add Masa Kobayashi (Cle - RP) and Hong-Chih Kuo (LAD - SP)

Also, sent, in disgrace, to the inactive list:
  • Pedro Martínez (NYM - SP)
  • Joel Pineiro (StL - SP,RP)
  • Carlos Ruiz (Phi - C)

Promoted, in glory and amongst trumpets and much fanfare:
  • Jeff Niemann (TB - SP)
  • Anthony Reyes (StL - SP)
  • John Buck (KC - C)

Masa Kobayashi. Oh boy.

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