Lose your Red Sox cap in New York, perchance?

No, seriously, did you?

Having been to Yankee Stadium several times while the Red Sox provided the opposition (I am 4/4 by the by, four visits, four Sox wins, including Pedro's magical 17k night in '99), I can absolutely testify to the vitriol and naked hatred that permeates those nights.

Cutting to the chase, someone lost their Red Sox cap at Yankee Stadium recently. If that person is you, reader Chad Dolby wants to help. Read on!

Hello my name is Chad Dolby from
New Jersey. On a cold Friday night
there was trouble in the Bronx Zoo. A
Red Sox fan had decided to wear his
Red Sox hat to Yankee Stadium. As usual
the crowd went wild with hate. His hat then
preceded to be thrown down level by level until
it somehow reached the concourse area, where
it was found by a friend of mine.
We are looking for the owner of this hat.
It was lost during a Tampa Bay Rays game
against the Yankees on 4/4/08 in Bronx, NY.
Any help from Red Sox Nation in finding
him would be great! It looked like his favorite hat.
Well-worn and probably precious.
I am a Met fan looking to heal open wounds
who was tossed in the middle of a heated rivalry.
If you could post the poster on your website that
would be great!
Thank you all very much for any help you may give
on this vital search.


Nice post, Cormac. Chad contacted me last weekend about the lost hat, and I put up a post about it as well...

Somehow, we'll track this Red Sox fan down...