Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Reluctant hero

Those boys in the Boston Red Stockings sure know how to organise a fancy shin-dig. I didn't think they would manage to surpass the 2005 ring ceremony, but they did.

From Manny looking like he was collecting third prize at a pub quiz night, to Johnny Pesky raising the championship banner (with Big Papi's help) the ceremony had everything. The finest moment, and a truly human, emotional event was former Red Sox first baseman and hall of fame caliber player Bill Buckner throwing out the first pitch.

Hall of fame credentials? Lest anyone forget, Bill Buckner hit .289 with 2,715 hits in 22 years MLB service.

The incredible, heartfelt and noisy greeting the Fenway faithful gave him was enough to make Kevin Youkilis want to cry.
"I've probably never almost been in tears for somebody else on a baseball field, I wanted to shake his hand because that's a true man." Kevin Youkilis

Buckner looked like he really enjoyed the moment, from shaking off Buck Evans for the ceremonial pitch to giving the 'strike called' sign right after his pitch.

I guess my only regret was the game wasn't on ESPN so we could all hear them eat their words about Manny never hustling. Manual broke right out of the box on the triple and scored as a direct result on the over throw.

Bling, bling

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Jimmy Chowda said...

During Bill's last season in baseball (I want to say 1989 with the Angels), he got standing ovations in Fenway. Idiots played up the supposed personal hatred for him by all Sox fans, but it was only a few jerks issuing death threats that drove him to Idaho.

Nice to see Dewey out there with him, too.

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