Speed kills

I have always been a pretty big Coco Crisp fan. I like his competitive edge, and his superb center field defence speaks volumes for itself. However, maybe it's time to turn the page on Coco, send him somewhere that needs him every day, and unleash the wild phenomenon that is the simply amazing Jacoby Ellsbury.

In terms of evidence I give you a moment in last night's Red Sox v Yankees game, where Jacoby Ellsbury took off for second base on a steal attempt. The Yankees saw it coming and 'pitched out', meaning the catcher stood up for a deliberate high-ball, designed to give him more time and a better position to throw the runner out. What happened next was amazing.

Even with the catcher gunning early, Jacoby beat the throw easily, and to make matters worse for the Yankees the throw went into center field. Jacoby never stopped and slid into third ahead of Melky Cabrera's throw from center.

First to third faster than a speeding bullet. Faster than a couple of Yankee throws anyway.

The sky seems to be the limit with this wonderfully talented kid. Surely it's time to reap the benefits and play him every single day?