Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bill Belichick murdered Jimmy Hoffa

So did you know that is was actually Bill Belichick that murdered Jimmy Hoffa and buried his body under the Razor? How shocked would you be if that was a headline in ESPN tomorrow?

I would barely raise an eyebrow..

The latest rubbish to be hurled in the Patriots general direction is being tossed by some gimp called Ross Tucker, who had a cup of coffee in the NFL and now, in a pathetic attempt to get an otherwise completely anonymous journalistic career off the ground, is accusing the Patriots of using injured reserve listed players in practice.

Somebody call the Marines, the Coast Guard and where the hell is Batman when you need him?

For the love of God, what next, seriously? Tom Brady caught on camera with Lindsay Lohan? Tom Brady caught on camera with David Archuletta? Patriots caught cheating in team bus poker game? This is getting totally inane. I take that back, this is totally inane.

Meanwhile, in cloud cuckoo land

This little nugget, this little gem, from the Boston Globe's coverage of the asinine circus that is the Matt Walsh story, sums it all up really..

Cheerleaders shown on video

NEW YORK -- In addition to signals shown on the tape of the Chargers game, the video shot by the Patriots also includes up-close shots of San Diego Charger cheerleaders.

This is from the Sept. 29, 2002 game against the Chargers.

Well now....
I mean really.....
what next.....?


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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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