Goal line blitz is pretty enjoyable

Well, I have been playing the online football game known as 'Goal line blitz' for the best part of a year now, and I am hooked. It's extremely enjoyable, and completely free too, added bonus!
What is Goal Line Blitz?
Goal Line Blitz is a web-based American Football MMORPG. We've written a custom football simulation engine to provide you with the ultimate football experience on the web.
I don't know about 'ultimate experiences', but it is definitely good fun.

The player I created has started off as a rookie and is slowly gaining experience and dipping his toe in the water. Basically he plays in games every two human days. He joined his team over half way through a season, so there are only a couple of games left until what I assume will be a rigorous offseason training program!

He will need it, seeing as one of the few mentions of his name so far on the highlight reel is a flippin interception!
2:22 2nd & 10 on OWN 45.5
Macker Eklof pass to Carter Birch up the right side intercepted by Jason Stelly (2 yd return) [tackle: Carter Birch]
You can have a good giggle at the pick here.

There's loads of nifty features, forums, a messaging system and plenty of other interesting little facets to the game, such as;
  • Create a custom player, at any position on the football field, and assign any name you want
  • Train your player from the ground up to be the type of player you want
  • Gain experience from playing games to improve your player's abilities
  • Sign with teams from around the world and negotiate your contract
  • Create custom signature equipment
If you like football, give it a try. It may seem slow to start, but after a couple of days you'll be hooked.