Friday, May 16, 2008

Just for you, Baltimore mailer - plus, the single greatest play in the history of organised sports?

This one is just for the e-mailer from Baltimore who has been sending me abusive emails all week, him and those Orioles fans who celebrated their win over the Red Sox earlier this week as if they had just won the World Series. Having said that, a win over the Red Sox is probably the closest this sorry incarnation of the Orioles will get to an actual World Series appearance.

Let me make myself clear. I have nothing against the Orioles, well, 'had' nothing against them, until some inane, lonely person decided to verbally assault me over email. That and it was kind of funny watching Orioles fans 'whoop' it up Tuesday night.

I guess my overall message here is, have fun with it, Orioles fans, and talk to you next in August, when the O's are 27 games out of first place and their fans only point of interest on a nightly basis will be what style Kevin Millar's hair happens to be at the time.

So, Orioles guy who decided a good use of his time would be abusive emails to Ireland, and those Orioles fans who gave Tuesday nights game the full Jobba Chamberlin treatment, celebrating like , to you people I give the Wes Welker salute.

Meanwhile, all week long I have had a big smile plastered on my face, all because I saw 'the play.' This play really needs to be given a name. we have to come up with something, I am assuming 'the play' is already copyrighted?

Naturally I may be slightly biased, but I still have to be convinced that this is not the single greatest play in the history of organised sporting events. Need a recap?

I can watch this all day. This in particular is a superb piece of video, the payoff for the viewer comes near the end of the clip as the video catches the Red Sox players hovering around a camera watching a replay of 'the play' in awe, The expression on Jacoby Ellsbury's face in particular is fantastic.

You know what, I just figured out why the particular Orioles fan who sent the abusive, angry and ignorant emails was so wound up. He is never, ever going to see any of the current batch of Orioles players come even close to executing anything similar to what Manny did, ever.

I guess that would make me angry too, except for this damned grin I can't get off my face.

I saw 'the play', and it was great.

Make love note war, and have a great weekend.


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Brian said...

Oh that is priceless, a truly special moment!!!

Irish National baseball team

Irish National baseball team
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