Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Relations between 'Boston Irish' and China freeze

This means war

Or at the very least, a trade embargo

Having said that, I am unsure as to how a full trade block between myself and Chine will effect them, or me for that matter.

Just got a pretty funny text from DCU Saints head coach Dave Rothwell. It said, simply;
'Your blog is blocked in China'
My first thought was to contact the Chinese Embassy and try and get an official reason as to why my blog was blocked in China. Is it the flowery language? The glossy pictures? The reckless use of the word 'Anyway'?

Visitors from all over our little world, just none from China

How should I take this affront? Obviously a military engagement would be tricky. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, China was left with the largest conventional military in the world by some distance. A trade block? I played that one out on a notepad. The effects of an all out trade block between me and China would be as follows;

  • The Maple Leaf Chinese take-away would go out of business
  • I would have to take 'China girl' by Bowie out of my music collection
On reflection, a trade embargo probably wouldn't have much effect.

My options would appear to be limited. Military action, trade block are out as viable options. Jack Bauer is probably busy. I guess I will just have to settle for the fact that my blog is blocked in China, and that's pretty funny



John Fitzgerald said...

The Captain's blog is also blocked:


I think it has something to do with Communist rule... perhaps?

Also, Jack Bauer is in jail. But this time it has nothing to do with the Chinese.

Side note: funny stuff. great post.

sugarshane024 said...

This just in:

Ice cream, teddy bears, mac n cheese, tulips, and the Crank Dat dance have all been blocked in China, too.

Remind me to never make travel plans there. Actually, I'm part Irish, so they might not let me in anyway.

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