Wednesday, June 11, 2008

GIVE IT BACK! For the love of God, just give it back!

So the chap who caught the great Ken Griffey Jnr's 600th home run shot is caught in two minds as to what to do with the ball itself.

I am with Marlins outfielder Cody Ross on this one. "Come on, this is a baseball - Just give it back to Griffey.'' He also suggested; ''Get an autograph from him or get to meet him.'' Both more savoury options than an ugly auction for a ball that he had nothing to do with until it landed in his lap, literally.

The whole thing is pretty insane.

Griffey achieved something amazing by hitting that ball for his 600th home run, something truly incredible. It will define his great career, assuming he doesn't go on a crazy tear and make it to 700! The ball belongs to Ken Griffey Jnr. Not some chug monkey who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

As they chant at Wrigley when an opposition player hits a bomb into the bleachers...
Throw it back. Throw it back. Throw it back....

Well, give it back...



sugarshane024 said...

I'm biased because one of my life goals has been to meet Ken Griffey Jr. He's been my favorite player and my idol for years and years. I had always said that if I caught #600, I would more than gladly give it back to Junior simply for the chance to meet him. If this guy can't make up his mind, have him give me the ball, and I will happily "return to sender."

Anonymous said...

Because of the insane salaries of players it costs hundreds of dollars to take your family these days to a major league baseball game. Manny Ramirez received his 500th homer ball for nothing and is auctioning it off to charity. I am certain that Manny will take the charitable deduction off his taxes and thereby profit from the ball. Why shouldn't any fan who is lucky enough to catch one of these souveniers sell it to the highest bidder? This is simple for me ... I would NOT give the ball away; I don't care what the milestone.

Cormac said...

'' I am certain that Manny will take the charitable deduction off his taxes and thereby profit from the ball. ''

That's a very negative, grim view of the world you have there, anon!

LoserPoet said...

I don't see why the fan should have to return the ball. I know nothing of "Joe's" financial situation, but if he can sell the ball for 100K, he'd be crazy to pass that up. If Griffey wants the ball, then he can pay up. It's not like 100K is a huge chunk of his multi-million dollar salary. I don't think it's greedy at all, depending on what the guy makes in a year. I was more incensed by Cody Ross's comments about how people have gotten greedy and money hungry. People who make six figures plus a year have no right to complain.

john said...

MLB is a business - they've undoubtedly made millions from marketing Griffey. I'm sure they will make millions more by marketing this particular HR (DVDs,, etc etc).

There's nothing wrong with keeping or selling a ball that you caught at a game. Ticket prices are ridiculous and keeping (and selling) HR balls is part of the history of the game. Until the MLB starts treating fans with some respect, they shouldn't expect fans to bend over backwards for them.

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