Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pretend you are GM for the 'Tusken Raiders II'

Alright so, imagine, just for one second, you are the GM of my fantasy baseball team. I know, it's a long stretch, but go crazy folks, throw caution and common sense to the prevailing winds and imagine yourself as holding the influential, powerful post of General Manager of the 'Tusken Raiders II'.

Now, I need pitching, and I need it bad. I have plenty of bats in my lineup, including plenty of outfield hammers. I take a shot and I offer the following trade to an owner in the '.406 Club keeper league '08 version'.

I offer
  • Casey Blake
  • Conor Jackson
  • Ryan Ludwick
  • Félix Hernández
I opened my mail this morning, and the other owner had accepted the trade.

In our league trades are processed immediately so right now, at this very moment of typing, 'King' Felix Hernandez is the Co-Ace of the 'Tusken Raiders II', alongside Josh Beckett.

I guess my question to you the reader is, did I give away too much, or is this a good trade? My thinking was (yes, there was some thinking behind this), 'King' Felix is really coming into his own lately, pitching up to his standard, with his sensational mix of almost unhittable stuff. The three lads I traded away are all playing way above expectation. Particularly Ludwick, he is one of those guys that should probably slip back into relative anonymity once pitchers get better advanced reports on him. No offence to the guy! That's generally how it works out though, unless you really are a superstar.

Did I just trade away a superstar? No I did not. However, I sure got one in return.

King Felix - now a 'Tusken Raider'



Anonymous said...

If Hernandez isn't seriously injured, it's a solid deal for you.

However, Conor Jackson will be considered a superstar by year's end.

Shane said...

If I was the other team, I would not have made the trade. So I'd say you get a pretty good deal :).

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