In a NY state of mind

You know, at first, I felt sort of hypocritical for being angered by the ridiculous treatment All Star closer Jon Papelbon got in NY over the All Star break. My reasoning? I thought, 'well, what's the difference to the time A-Rod and Jeter were harassed by fans while eating in a Boston restraunt?'.

With another 24 hours to think about it, I am angry again.

To address my own issues first, the A-Rod/Jeter incident amounted to some clowns flipping A-Rod the bird, nothing too crazy, and something Jeter even joked about afterwards. A-Rod probably had the guilty party followed and wire-tapped. Seems to be a hobby of his.

Journalism at its absolute finest

The treatment Papelbon and his pregnant wife got was really disgraceful. It all began with a pathetic, ugly back cover in a New York slush-rag. The Globe takes up the story;
''The back page of yesterday's New York Daily News ran a full-page photo of Papelbon, accompanied by the headline "Papelbum." Then, during yesterday afternoon's red-carpet ride down the Avenue of the Americas, Papelbon was on the receiving end of some rough treatment from the crowd lining the boulevard.''
The Globe's Eric Wilbur goes into greater detail as to how classy the New York crowd acted;
''Seeing the success they had with Morneau, fans started throwing items at Papelbon to sign … all the while hurling insults as well and waving the now-infamous New York Daily News back page. Until the NYPD put a stop to it by ordering the players not to sign anything, our truck was pelted with taunts, baseballs and pens. It got so bad that at one point my co-pilot Al rolled up his window, saying, "I don't know what's coming at us next." To put it in perspective, this is a guy who is a member of El Barrio's Bravest, whose only negative comment about life in the FDNY is that he doesn't get to fight enough fires.''
You stay classy, New York.

It all starts with the ugly headline the New York rag which I won't even bother naming printed. Ironically, the New York Times takes their, well, compatriot, to task. Jack Curry, I guy I read regularly and a guy who is right up there with the better baseball writers right now, had this to say;
''So, on a night when George Steinbrenner was honored and cried, when Jonathan Papelbon was relentlessly booed for simply being honest...''
Okay so he didn't take them to task literally, however he pointed out how inane their ignorant, childish headline was.

The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan probably came up with the best single comeback on the whole sordid affair, well, until Papelbon gets to pitch against NY that is...
''What part of Jonathan Papelbon calling Mariano Rivera the "Godfather of Closers" didn't the New York Daily News or the Yankee fans in general quite understand?''
We can end it on that, and move on.



I've been around Yankee fans my whole life. They never cease being uninformed, miserable, smug, entitled jackasses.

Have a great weekend, Cormac.