Saturday, July 26, 2008

Irish baseball action - Hurricanes v Spartans

After what amounted to close to a month long hiatus the Irish baseball 'A' league re-started today with a top of the table clash between the veteran Hurricanes and Spartans clubs. The month long break came with the Irish National team in Portugal for the European baseball Pool B Championships.

There were a few Hurricanes on the Irish team, Tom Kelley, Cane's captain Steve Divito and Tommy Hernandez. Several Spartans were on the team also.

A bright, sunny, almost summery Saturday morning greeted the returning teams and the game would match the beautiful weather. The two sides battled back and forth all morning long. The Canes took a 2-0 lead only for the Spartans to sprint to a 6-2 advantage in the middle innings. Some patient hitting, particularly by Dan Barry, Dionio Guerra and Kevin Richards brought the Hurricanes back into the game. Tommy Hernandez also showed his bat off as the Canes leaped back in front 8-7.

The Spartans managed to sneak back into the lead 9-8 and then worked around a big double from Hernandez to finish off the win.

For the Canes, Dan Barry caught and called a superb game, while Tommy Hernandez continues to show a real slick bat as the season progresses. Andy Martin played a solid third base while captain Steve Divito made three super plays in the infield from the short-stop position.

A word on Darran O'Connor, the Spartans and Ireland veteran second base-man. The scheduled umpire did not show so Darran selflessly offered to do the job behind the plate, and called a fair, balanced game. A tip of the cap to the young man taking one on the chin and spending his morning umpiring when he should have been playing. Nice throwback to the early days of Irish baseball when everybody helped out.

If you are in Ireland and interested in umpiring, drop me a line!

Wanted to finish with a word on Bill Beglane, the Spartans veteran pitcher. As we played on the adult field, Bill was holding a teaching/training session with several youngsters. This is essential to the future of Irish baseball but is a completely thankless task. Bill carries it out with regularity and zero ego. If you would like to help with youth baseball in Ireland or if you have a kid or seven you would like involve in the game, drop me a line.

That is all.

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Irish National baseball team

Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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