Thursday, July 31, 2008

Joe Punter doesn't deserve THIS, Manny..

You know, the more I think about it, the angrier I get about this while Manny situation. He is obviously completely cut off from reality if he thinks he is going to get any sympathy from the public at all with comments akin to his ‘they don’t deserve me’ shocker.

I would ask Manny, what about Joe Punter from Dorchester? Does he deserve this? Does Joe Punter deserve to spend $140 of his hard earned money bringing his ten year old son to Fenway to see the Sox play only to have Manny not run hard to second to prevent grounding into a double play? Does Joe Punter deserve to wait weeks for a ticket to Fenway and turn up excited for the game only to find Manny has decided he has a sore knee and can’t play?

I love the correlation the baseball scribes have found between Manny ‘sore knees’ and the pitcher on those nights. Invariably they have found that when Manny cries off he is due to face either Jobba the Headhunter or ‘King’ Felix Hernandez, young, hard throwing right handers who apparently Manny is intimidated by. So, not only is he greedy and lazy, it would appear he is also a coward.

Back to Joe. Does Joe Punter deserve to pay all that money, invest all that emotion and time into the Red Sox and get his expensive Fenway ticket to turn up and watch as Manny flops on a fly ball, backside first, and roll around laughing on the ground while the run scores? Does Joe Punter the hard working blue/white collar laborer from Dorchester deserve to turn up at Fenway to watch someone mail it in?

You know what, the Red Sox ownership owe it to Joe Punter to trade Manny and his ridiculous, selfish, lazy and greedy sideshow tonight. Trade him anywhere. Trade him for Trot Nixon. Trade him for a bag of peanuts. He is openly flipping the Boston public, and Red Sox fans world-wide, the bird. Red Sox ownership owe it to their rabid fan-base to fix this situation, or take ten dollars off the price of admission to allow for Manny’s antics and soft play.

Something Manny, with his blinkered vision, doesn’t take into account is that he is enabled by his employers to mail it in on a nightly basis, choose which pitchers he faces and decide how much effort he is going to make. The irony here is, if Joe Punter tried that, he would be out of a job faster than you could say recession. Why isn’t Manny out of a job?

Only the Red Sox ownership and front office can answer that question. Maybe they will go to some lengths to do that tonight.



Dave said...

I was already in favor of trading him. But him dogging it on that grounder last night sealed the deal. He needs to go. Now.

Another topic: how is the Yankees can trade a mediocre talent like Farnsworth for an All-Star catcher? That's the kind of trade in a fantasy league that would get blocked because it's so stupid.

Cormac said...

is it even as bad as them getting Xavier and Marte for a slice of cheese and some crackers?

Tom said...

The kid can rake; Manny is going the way of Nomar and Pedro.

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