Thursday, July 17, 2008

Once I had a Richie Sexson t-shirt

Once I had a Richie Sexson t-shirt, replica jersey kinda thing. Given to me by Irish baseball team-mate Tom Kelley, a huge Indians fan. Biggest Indians fan in Ireland by a country mile.

Not one of the 'Big Sexy's finer moments

However, now this. The New York Yankees have a 'tentative deal' in place with Sexson.

That's the end of that t-shirt.

Suggestions on what to do with it on a postcard.

Meanwhile, what exactly are the '08 Yankees turning into, I mean, other than a huge, inflated, expensive joke? Sidney Ponson? Richie Sexson? What happens if they actually do sign Barry Bonds, should we start looking out for the 5,677 horses of the apocalypse?

Really, it's so odd how the Yankees, once the blueprint for the perfect MLB team, have taken such a weird, wild and wacky turn the other direction and now seem determined to sign up every washed up, expensive bust they can get their hands on. The Yankee farm, once the jewel in their crown, is empty, and major league ready talent is almost non existent. Certainly impact talent anyway.

Richie Sexson.

I mean, really? This is what it has come to?


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Shane said...

Considering that both Bonds and Sexton would cost the same (league min) in terms of money I would have thought they'd gotten Bonds. While Bonds is an ass/etc, he's a better hitter than a cooked Sexton.

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