Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A-Rod the love rat

Oh A-Rod! When will it ever end? If he isn’t caught sneaking into a not-his-wife blonde’s hotel room, slapping the ball out of Bronson’s hand or getting his backside kicked by Red Sox catchers he appears to be chasing middle aged pop stars.

The morning papers in Ireland, yes, Ireland of all places, are reporting that A-Fraud, the God of anti-clutch, has been photographed several times leaving Madonna’s Central Park apartment at very unusual hours. If you watch E! you know that Madonna and insufferable awful director husband Guy Ritchie (Did you see 'Revolver'?!) have been having ‘issues’, and who would have thought it, it appears A-Fraud might be smack in the middle of the stormy seas.

The papers gleefully report that this is not the first time that A-Rod and Madge have ‘hung out’. One paper reports that A-Rod attended a Madonna concert in New York in April. Important to note how sophisticated A-Rod’s musical taste is here. I assume, going forward he will have ‘Material Girl’ as his pre-at-bat-walk-up music at Yankee Stadium? Another Irish morning paper reports A-Rod gave Madonna and her son Rocco tickets to a Yankees game in June.

Possibly the funniest detail of the whole sordid little story so far is the Irish morning ‘Metro’ headline on the burgeoning affair.

‘Star hits home runs to Madge’

As the Big Lebowski would say, ‘Obviously you're not a golfer’.

A curious aspect to this, how come the US sporting media is not touching this one, when there is ample evidence that perhaps Alex Rodriguez is the cause of the friction between super duper pop star Madonna and her painfully bad British director husband Guy Ritchie? How come they are, so far, avoiding this?

We will stay tuned to this one!


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