Thursday, July 31, 2008

So, what's Trot Nixon up to right now?

I have been one of 'those' guys for a couple of years. One of those guys that Dan Shaughnessy or Eric Wilbur of the Boston Globe would label, somewhat correctly, a 'Manny Apologist'. Ever since his first Fenway home-run, in his first Fenway swing, I have been viewing Manny Ramirez and his Red Sox tenure through rose-tinted glasses.

No more.

The comment that did it? Innocuous enough. Manny was quoted yesterday as saying;

"The Red Sox don't deserve a player like me,"

My first reaction, as a Red Sox fan was, 'wait, wait, what? well f**k that Mr Trillionaire, we Red Sox fans deserve better than you!'. Yes, I even cursed in my mind, I was just that angry. Things get pretty tense around these here parts when the Sox hit late season-slumps!

If Manny goes today, as is being reported all over the sports pages, in some ways I will feel like an old friend is emigrating or something, however, I say bring on the change. Let's shake this thing up, rattle a few cages and send the spoilt brat off somewhere else. His lines are getting old.

The story has become old. Fast.

Why not rekindle the spirit of '04, bring back in Trot Nixon as some left handed thump off the bench, just let Coco/Jacoby/Drew be the fastest outfield in baseball and get the team together, tell them they are good enough to win this if they go back to winning with grit and hustle.

Let the big baby throw his toys out of someone else's pram.

Interesting evening ahead.


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